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“now” what?

Posted 23 January 2014 | By | Categories: motivational | 10 Comments

Tweet“NOW,” that’s what you have, that’s what you should focus on and that’s what you should cherish. When push comes to shove, all you have is “now,” and that’s all that really matters…. which is why you really need to be aware of your surroundings and more importantly, yourself. There is no start, there is […]


X-Men Origins: The Vince Golangco Fan Club

Posted 02 April 2009 | By | Categories: fun, life, san diego | No Comments

Tweet One crazily drunken night in San Diego, at the Martini Ranch Bar… Vince: Tweet


365 Days of Motivation

Posted 16 September 2008 | By | Categories: inspiration, motivational | 1 Comment

TweetNew blog for my more serious posts. My Motivational Blog – http://365DaysOfMotivation.wordpress.com Tweet

the meaning of life…

the meaning of life…

Posted 25 July 2008 | By | Categories: life | 2 Comments

TweetIn our lifetime, the normal human being tends to accumulate more questions than answers. Some answers are simply not comprehensible to our feeble minds (Why are we here? Were my ancestors really monkeys? How the hell did she do that with her tongue?); while other questions we simply choose not to find the answers (Why […]


damn monkeys

Posted 11 July 2008 | By | Categories: life | 1 Comment

TweetTwo weeks ago, a superior officer to myself assigned me the task of “Operation Homework.” It is a vital piece of the main mission objective for “Operation Graduation.” I was given this task at exactly 1600 Pacific Time two weeks ago from today and its completion is expected by tomorrow. Two minutes ago, I started […]


10 ways to know you’re living in a third world country……

Posted 08 July 2008 | By | Categories: life | 3 Comments

Tweet10. They sell cigarettes and candies by the piece. (A whole pack is waaaaaay too expensive for some)     9. You unplug the microwave when not in use to save money on your electric bill. (That clock is really an unnecessary expense)     8. Braces on your teeth is a high class status […]


story of a girl

Posted 11 February 2008 | By | Categories: inspiration, life | 4 Comments

TweetThe big story of Super Bowl Sunday has now been replayed over and over and over again. No I’m not talking about the amazing helmet catch, that thunderous Brady sack, the rise of the second Manning brother, not even the 18 – 1 losing record of the Patriots. I’m talking about the other big story, […]


cocky sonofa…..

Posted 28 January 2008 | By | Categories: life, motivational | 8 Comments

TweetOverconfidence? Is there such a thing? Is it a good thing or a bad thing? “Great spirits have always encountered violent opposition from mediocre minds” – Albert Einstein. Tweet