Magical New Zealand

If a picture paints a thousand words… then why am I speecheless when I look at these…

I am now a FIRM believer that everyone must visit New Zealand at least once before you kick the bucket. 








This beautiful country hosts only 4 million people. I literally saw more sheep there than I did people. Some of those sheep were hot though…. *wink*









The greatest thing about NZ is nature; untouched, unhampered, pure nature. Everywhere you go is some sort of national park or protected land. The people of New Zealand care more about nature than anywhere else I’ve been in the world. Proof of this is in the roads. NZ roads are very dangerous because they are all narrow and bendy. They twist and turn and go all around because they were built specifically to avoid disrupting the natural grounds. Instead of drilling a tunnel through a mountain, they would build roads that go up, down, around and everywhere else to ensure minimal tampering with the natural environments. Moreover, most of its roads, including freeways (or what they call motorways) only have one lane.









You can tell that people here love nature because of the constant areas you can stop along the road where there’ll be a view of the mountains, lakes, rivers or any part of nature. Many of these stops would also have some type information as to the significance of these landmarks. Even better, there will be trails that you can explore and see even more breathtaking sights. The trails will also be marked with the length of time it takes to return to your starting point.  









The pictures I took, BEAUTIFUL as they may be, do not even come close to doing justice to how beautiful it really is if you were actually there. Every body of water is so clear that you could see the bottom of them. Also, the water is really really blue because of a microscopic mineral from the glaciers that gets mixed in with the rivers, lakes and streams when these glaciers melt. Just adding that little bit more of magic to enhance your stay in NZ. 












New Zealand, in one word, is “magical.” If you love the outdoors, you NEED to visit this place! 

This is my first visit to New Zealand but definitely not the last. Besides, there’s this one sheep that really caught my eye….  😉


“It looked like there were two skies one on top of the other…I couldn’t tell where heaven stopped and the earth began. It was so beautiful.” — Forest Gump

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