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damn monkeys

Posted 11 July 2008 | By | Categories: life | 1 Comment

TweetTwo weeks ago, a superior officer to myself assigned me the task of “Operation Homework.” It is a vital piece of the main mission objective for “Operation Graduation.” I was given this task at exactly 1600 Pacific Time two weeks ago from today and its completion is expected by tomorrow. Two minutes ago, I started […]


story of a girl

Posted 11 February 2008 | By | Categories: inspiration, life | 4 Comments

TweetThe big story of Super Bowl Sunday has now been replayed over and over and over again. No I’m not talking about the amazing helmet catch, that thunderous Brady sack, the rise of the second Manning brother, not even the 18 – 1 losing record of the Patriots. I’m talking about the other big story, […]